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Library Haul: January 2017

I grabbed a bunch of books from the library earlier this month. Here are some quick thoughts on a few of them:

Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Help Wanted & Bottle of the Planets)
Sholly Fisch is probably the most underrated writer of all-ages Batman comics. His stories in Brave & The Bold are fun, thoughtful, but also easy for kids to follow along with. Just like the television show they are based on, these comics are light-hearted but not without the occasional moment of seriousness. But if you believe in a grim Dark Knight who only works alone, I'd give this a miss -- the whole premise is Batman teaming up with various heroes, especially those who aren't part of the modern "A-List".

Robin - Son of Batman: Year of Blood
I found the plot itself a bit confusing at times, but it didn't matter too much, because this book introduces two wonderful new characters who I fell in love with immediately: Maya Ducard (a teenage girl) and Goliath (a bat-dragon). They are, or become, Damian's allies and surrogate family as he embarks on a journey of redemption and atonement for the eponymous "Year of Blood" -- which itself is also portrayed and explained as flashbacks, and always in a way that pulled at my heartstrings. The writer/artist, Patrick Gleason, doesn't pull any punches in showing why it was important that Damian ended up under the guardianship and tutelage of his father, Batman.

This book builds off of threads built on previous storylines, so it's probably even more confusing for newbie Batfans. I would recommended checking out the Batman & Robin volumes by Pete Tomasi and Patrick Gleason before getting to this one.

Superman/Wonder Woman: Casualties of War
I might be one of few people who actually ships Superman and Wonder Woman, but only in the New 52 "reboot" universe (which lasted between 2011 to 2016). Their histories and characters were different then, and it sort of worked for me. Not much to say except that this was a cute read. There's a character called Wonderstar, a sweet, adorable and kind of good-looking guy who I initually speculated was their kid from the future or something. SPOILER: He isn't! Oh well.

Adventures of Superman Vol 1
This is a collection of some short stories (10-12 pages) revolving around Superman. Lois Lane appears occasionally, but it's mostly all/only Superman in this book, grapping with various villains. Solid stories, nothing amazing. Grab it if you can borrow it from a friend or a library, or if you're a hardcore fan of short, one-off comics and/or Superman.