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The Lego Batman Movie with 6 and 12

The Lego Batman Movie was wonderful, and I'm already looking forward to getting it on Blu-Ray so I can watch it again in peace. As much as I love the two little people who I accompanied (my six-year-old niece and 12-year-old nephew/cousin -- they are second cousins to each other), they were quite insistent on providing running commentary the whole way and having to shush them every few minutes left me a little distracted.

Case in point:

A new Wonder Woman trailer played just before the movie. It looked amazing; even more promising than the previous trailer. There were hints of a straightforward plot, stunning cinematography, and the sight of Diana herself kicking butt and taking names was just very inspiring. WW is perhaps the most famous female superhero, known around the world to people young and old, and this long overdue movie looks like it might be worth the hype. (Fingers crossed!)

And how great was it that my niece, on her second cinema outing, got to see a powerful woman being showcased as the hero fo her own story?

Unfortunately, my nephew (hereby referred to as 12) interrupted my emotional moment by loudly trying to ask me something. I have no idea what his question was, exactly, other than that it was related to Wonder Woman, because I just batted him away with a loud "shhhh!". :P

The funny thing is, I had told my niece (6) that she was not supposed to talk to the movie, and hadn't had a chance to tell my nephew -- but he would know anyway, right? It's not his first rodeo. I've taken him to films before.

... Except, he's talked in films before. Halfway during Man of Steel, he asked (again, very loudly): "Is that Superman?"

During Rogue One: A Star Wars Story: "Is that Obi-Wan Kenobi?"


During the Kong: Skull Island Trailer:

12: "Oh! It's Mace Windu! Mace Windu!"

(I didn't see Samuel L. Jackson, just another black guy, so thought 12 had confused himself. But it turns out Mace Windu really is in Kong!)


One minute into the movie:



Halfway during the movie:

6 (holding out a biscuit from her snack box to me, and then to 12): "WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY A BISCUIT?"


Spoilers ahoy:

When we see the villains from the other Warner Bros. property during the first Phanton Zone scene:

12: "Oh my gosh, is that Voldemort? That's Voldemort!"


12: "That's King Kong, who we saw in the trailer just now! [Niece's name], look, it's the gorilla we saw just just before the movie!"


I don't know that I actually spent half the movie shushing these kids, but it sure felt like it! They both ate all the popcorn too, despite 12 claiming he didn't like popcorn (a fact his mother corroborated the day before our outing!).

Still, we all enjoyed the movie, and I don't regret taking them! I'll post a few proper afterthoughts in another entry tomorrow.